PaperPhine by Linda Thalmann
I’ve always loved paper and as a little kid I was very happy as long as a pile of paper and some glue were nearby. Nowadays paper yarn and its inherent qualities offer me the possibility to create unique pieces using a wide variety of traditional and state-of-the-art techniques - and of course I like the fact that paper yarn is hard to tame and often seems to have its own will.

Paper Yarns are nowadays a nearly forgotten material though their handmade ancestors have a history reaching back for more than a millenium. Paper Yarns were used for the production of highly valued everyday objects and later they were cherished as a readily available, hard-wearing surrogate for yarns made of other materials.
Introducing paper yarns into my own work I use my hands, a small range of simple tools partly handed down from my grandmother and one of the yarns made out of a wide variety of papers to explore the possibilities of this very light though sturdy, simple and nevertheless elegant material. The pieces that start to form are like small sculptures to be worn and to bedazzle the eye as well as the skin.
Copyright 2010-2013 Linda Thalmann

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